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      R&D innovation

      R&D CENTER

      Currently, Cenkon R&D Center possesses over 30 professional R&D technicians and forms an elite team consisting of senior engineers, masters and returning brains. Their professions involve in fine chemical engineering, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmacy and other disciplines. It has set up market development, formula development, packing material development, product conversion, Chinese herbal medicine extraction, testing and evaluation departments. It covers formula development, packing material development, technical support, testing and evaluation groups. Each department has clear work division and collaborates well with other departments. 

      Adhering to the concept of being “natural, safe and effective”, formulators strictly select formulas’ raw materials, elaborately match and design product formulas. Craftsmen formulate mature and stable production processes. Packing material designers have great originality, combine fashionable, elegant and popular elements and provide customers with customized excellent products and services in an efficient and convenient manner. 

      Formula development

      Formula development group is responsible for product formula development and platform development. The product development fields include cleaning product, aqueous solution, emulsion product, cream product, foundation make-up product, facial mask product, body care product and perfume product. 

      Packing material development

      Packing development group is responsible for packing material selection, packing material testing and technical support at late period. Packing material selection: select the optimal packing material solutions according to customer requirements, sample, cost and lead time provided by purchase department and the company’s production capacity. 

      Test items of packing materials

      I. Test items of internal packing materials

      Compatibility test, appearance and dimension test, leak test, drop test, light aging resistance test, high and low temperature cycling test, ink solvent resistance test, torsion test, push and pull force test, pump pulling time test, emission rate stability test, pump head press test, emission effect test, ink detachment test, label stability test, sine constant frequency vibration test, paging life test, online test and pressure resistance. 

      II. Test items of external packing materials

      Dimension and appearance inspection, illumination test, label stability, blistering test, ink adhesion test, heat shrinkage test, drop (normal temperature and low temperature) test, suspension test, hydraulic test, rolling test, internal and external matching inspection, compression test, roll cover folding resistance test and sine constant frequency vibration test. 

      Technical support

      Technical support group is responsible for transforming from formula experiment to mass production in the product, optimizing product preparation and production process, improving efficiency and saving the cost.

      Testing and evaluation

      Testing and evaluation group quantizes cosmetic evaluation method with the help of sensory and instrument evaluation methods to make its performance evaluation more accurate and convenient. 

      Specific test items include: 

      I. Test items of physical and chemical property: pH value, viscosity, centrifugal stability, solid content and refractive index. 

      II. Test items of stability: Thermal stability, cold-resistant stability, high temperature aging stability, alternate cooling and heating stability and oscillation stability. 

      III. Test items of function: Moisture retention, whitening, smearing, foam characteristic and chromatic characteristic. 

      IV. Test items of antiseptic efficiency: Antiseptic challenge test, bactericidal test (antiseptic testing) and MIC (minimal inhibitory concentration) test.  

      Advanced equipments

      R&D laboratory has French TURBISCAN LAB all-purpose stability analyzer, German MPA9 skin multi-probe tester, German IKA LR2.ST laboratory reaction still and a full set of optical microscope system of German Leica (including upright microscope, inverted microscope and stereoscopic microscope). 

      After years of accumulation and perfection, R&D laboratory has developed from an internal organization which only meets the company’s internal testing service requirements into a testing organization which provides the company’s customers with a variety of professional evaluation items and technical support services. 

      Innovation spirit 

      Innovation is a momentum of Cenkon’s business growth. The R&D fund for new products every year occupies 10% of the company’s turnover. Based on professional R&D concept, every product will experience long-term stability and safety testing so as to ensure that it can adapt to different requirements of consumers in different season and regions from raw materials to packing selection, from irritation testing to skin touch experience and from product safety assessment to quality monitoring. By product irritation and validity testing, the product’s mildness and validity on consumers with different skins can be ensured, bringing them a fresh skincare experience to the great extent. 

      Adhering to the scientific research spirit of “advancing with the times and keeping innovation”, Cenkon R&D Center has set up a series of international high-level laboratories such as cosmetic efficacy evaluation room, stability evaluation room, in vitro alternative laboratory, precise instrument assay laboratory and packing material testing laboratory. It is positive in leading and advancing technical innovation in cosmetic industry, and its scientific strength has a good reputation in the industry. In 2015, Cenkon was selected to assume vice chairman unit of China Society of Cosmetic Chemists (CSCC). 

      Core technologies

      I. Cenkon has national invention patents for anti-acne, whitening, moisturizing, washing and sunscreen products. Its product series cover aqueous solution, liquor essence, essential oil, emulsion, cream, hair gel, BB cream, powder and other dosage forms. 

      II. Cenkon cooperates with Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center (IQTC) to import EU cosmetic safety evaluation methods and technology (CAMVA and BCOP tests evaluating eye irritation). It also cooperates with Fourth Military Medical University (FMMU) to import human epidermal keratinocytes (used widely in clinical practice) and human skin 3D model to conduct multidirectional simulation test on cosmetic’s irritation and safety on the skin. 

      III. Import French “TURBISCAN LAB all-purpose stability analyzer” and use internationally advanced multiple-laser scattering techniques to quickly scan the sample granules of cosmetics and observe their microstate changes in multiple aging conditions (thermal resistance, cold resistance and alternate cooling and heating), conduct quantitative analysis on various unstable phenomena (such as grain size change, coarseness, layering, sediment and floating), quickly judge sample stability and precisely predict the shelf life of cosmetics. 

      IV. Import German “MPA9 skin multi-probe testing system” to evaluate cosmetic efficacy, test multiple skin index tests such as skin sebum, skin moisture, transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and skin elasticity, fully evaluate the skin index changes before and after using cosmetics and precisely evaluate the cosmetic efficacy (moisturizing, oil control and anti-aging). 

      Visit R&D CENTER
      Multi-probe skin test apparatus (German CK)
      Stability analyser (French Formulaction)
      Laboratory NC reaction still (German IKA)
      Spectrophotometer (Konica Minolta)
      Research-grade biomicroscope
      Wall thickness tester
      Ultrasonic endcapping machine
      Sample cutter
      Friction tester
      Xenon light aging meter
      Cytotoxicity test
      Cell phototoxicity test
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