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      Cenkon News

      Cenkon obtained Class-A credit certificate for cosmetic production enterprise!


            On March 10, 2016, selection meeting for cosmetic production enterprise credit rating in 2015 was held in Guangzhou Panyu Food and Drug Administration in order to standardize cosmetic production enterprise credit grading management, improve enterprise product quality safety, lead the enterprises to carry out honest operation, promote cosmetic industry to develop in a healthy and ordered way. 

            This meeting was organized by Guangzhou Panyu Food and Drug Administration. Credit rating evaluation in 2015 was conducted for 64 cosmetic production enterprises in Panyu District and lasted for half a year. The final selection result was as follows: There were 64 cosmetic production enterprises Panyu District. 16 enterprises (4 enterprises with business suspension due to removal, 10 enterprises without production and 2 enterprises whose production period was less than half a year) failed to meet the evaluation qualification, so they were not listed into the credit rating evaluation. Therefore, 48 enterprises had the evaluation qualification. The final evaluation result was as follows: 12 Class-A enterprises, 28 Class-B enterprises and 8 Class-C enterprises.

            In spot inspection of the evaluation, Cenkon got 144.5 points (full mark: 150). In terms of product quality, Cenkon follows the industrial quality standard specified by the state and government, formulates stricter enterprise standards and control product quality from the source according to quality management system. In addition, Cenkon is positive in implementing enterprise culture, adheres to the product concept of “being natural, safe and effective”, realizes product value and makes contribution to urban and cosmetic development.


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