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      Cenkon News

      Perfect closing of Cenkon at 2016 Shanghai Beauty Expo!


            From May 18 to 20, 2016, the 21st China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE), one of the three largest expos in the world, was grandly held at Shanghai New International Expo Center! As an exhibitor, Cenkon had its new products exhibited at Shanghai CBE with nearly 2,000 enterprises from upstream and downstream of cosmetics and industrial chain in dozens of countries and regions.


            At the expo, Cenkon set up three exhibition areas. Cosmetic self-owned brand area exhibited BEDOOK and rose skin brand JESS which could solve skin problems; cosmetic featured formula exhibited six types of featured formulas of cleansing, aqueous solution, emulsion, cream, washing and body care; cosmetic packing material design and kit solution area provided packing material solutions for multiple style designs.


           Adhering to the principle of “lean development” and the concept of “OEM continuous improvement, ODM infinite originality”, Cenkon provides customers with professional cosmetic OEM/ODM solutions.

            It provides customers with one-stop services ranging from cosmetic market research, product planning, image design, formula development, packing material development, inspection assessment, review filing to supply chain service (purchase/production/logistics).


           The expo came to an end. Cenkon attracted the attention of numerous cosmetic OEM/ODM customers. Thank you for your visit. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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