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      Industry News

      Knowledge of inner packing material of cosmetics ——Glass


      When many people explain cosmetic OEM to customers, they encounter such a problem: Customers do not learn much about cosmetic packing material. They are at a loss while we introduce it to them. Today, we summarize relevant knowledge as follows:


      When being used to pack cosmetics, the glass bottle is mainly used to pack skincare product (cream and lotion), perfume, essential oil and nail polish. However, their packing volumes are relatively small. The glass bottle with over 200ml in volume is seldom used to pack cosmetics. Glass bottle is divided into wide-mouth bottle and narrow-mouth bottle. Solid paste is usually packed with wide-mouth bottle, but it should be matched with an alumite cap or a plastic cap. The bottle cap can be painted in color. Emulsion or aqueous solution is usually packed with narrow-mouth bottle, but it should be matched with a pump head. If it is matched with a cap, an inner plug will be provided. Aqueous solution is equipped with a micropore and an inner plug. Dense emulsion is equipped with a macropore and an inner plug. 

      If the thickness of glass bottle is uneven, the glass bottle will be easily damaged or broken in a cold condition. During filling, the volume should be measured reasonably. In terms of transport, the glass bottle should be packed with paper and separated from each other. The product should be provided with a color box. Inner holder and medium-sized box can have an anti-vibration effect. 

      Usually, the common glass bottles (such as essential oil bottle, common transparent bottle or frosted bottle) are in stock. The production period of glass bottle is relatively long. Sometimes, it lasts for 20 days, and the supply period lasts for 45 days. Generally, the purchase quantity is 5,000—10,000 glass bottles. As the bottle is smaller, the production quantity will be larger. The period and minimum order quantity will be affected by peak and slack seasons, The mold opening expense is as follows: the handmade mold opening expense is about RMB 2,500, the automatic mold opening expense is about RMB 4,000, and the expense of 1 for 4 or 1 for 8 is about RMB 16,000—32,000. The expenses will be subject to the manufacturer’s conditions. Essential oil bottle is usually frosted in dark brown or other colors. It can avoid sunlight, its cap is equipped with a safety loop, and it can be equipped with an inner plug or a dropper. Perfume bottle is usually equipped with a fine spray pump head or a plastic cover. 

      Combination forms: 

      1. Cream bottle series: Glass bottle body + double-layered plastic outer cap (the volume is usually between 10g-50g.)

      2. Liquor essence series: Glass bottle body + plastic pump head or alumite pump head (the volume is relatively high, and it is between 20-100ml.) 

      3. Toner series: Glass bottle body + plastic inner plug + outer cap (above 100ml, or with pump head)

      4. Essential oil series: Glass bottle body + inner plug + big cap or resin droplet head + dropper + alumite cap

      Production process: 

      Bottle body: Transparent bottle, frosted bottled, colored bottle, porcelain bottle and essential oil bottle (not commonly used color but high order quantity, seldom using professional line)


      If spraying effect is required, RMB 0.5-1.1/piece will be paid. It will subject to area and color matching difficulty. For silk print, the price is RMB 0.1/color. Cylindrical bottle can be calculated as a single color, and special bottle is calculated as bi-color or multiple colors. 

      Printing: Silk print and gold blocking (The times for silk print and should not exceed 2. If there are too many color processes and defective products, the cost will be high.) 

      Silk print: Silk print of glass bottle is usually divided into the following two types: High-temperature ink silk print is characterized in that it is not easily decolored, the color is relatively deep, and the purple color matching is difficult to generate an effect. Low-temperature ink silk print is characterized in that the ink requirement is relatively high, or it will easily fall off. Pay attention to bottle sterilization. The price for gold and silver blocking is RMB 0.4/item. 

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